Can I Use My Heat Pump More Efficiently in Aiken, SC?

A heat pump is integral to heating and cooling your house. Did you know you can do more to make your system work more efficiently for your Aiken, SC, home? Check out these tips to save more energy and money when using your heat pump this winter.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Basic digital thermostats work fine with heat pumps, but you’ll get more out of the system when you install a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats can learn household patterns and determine the ideal temperatures for when you’re home or gone for the day.

Using a smart thermostat can keep you from constantly messing with the temperature to bring it up or down faster. Let the thermostat handle temperature adjustments and watch your energy consumption decrease without experiencing any discomfort.

Change the Filter Frequently

Your system relies on a clean filter to ensure sufficient airflow. If the filter’s clogged with dust, dirt, dander and other airborne pollutants, air can’t move through it easily. Restricted airflow makes the pump work harder to produce results.

You should change the filter every 30 days. Some high-performance filters can last up to six months, but you should still check the filter every month. If you have a lot of people living in the house, have pets or smoke in the home, the filter will get dirtier faster.

Have the Heat Pump Serviced Regularly

The best way to ensure your home’s heat pump works most efficiently is to maintain it. You want to schedule spring and fall preventive maintenance to have the heat pump checked for potential problems and recalibrated.

Although winter in Aiken is in full swing, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to have your heat pump serviced. Scheduling an appointment now ensures the system continues to work the rest of the season and gets it ready for warmer temperatures to keep you cool.

At Plunkett Heating & Air, we want you to enjoy the energy-saving benefits heat pumps offer. We’re available around the clock, seven days a week, to work for you. Call us today to learn about our heat pump services and how to use your system more efficiently.

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