Should My HVAC Thermostat Be in Recovery Mode?

If you’ve never used a programmable thermostat, seeing yours enter recovery mode might confuse you. There are situations where it’s perfectly appropriate for your thermostat to be in recovery mode and others where it may signal an issue. Let’s review some information about when an HVAC thermostat should and shouldn’t be in recovery mode in your Grovetown, GA, home.

When It’s Normal

To truly understand how your HVAC thermostat processes this, you must first know about the recovery mode feature. Simply put, recovery mode is a special energy-saving setting that many programmable thermostats have. It allows the thermostat to gently and gradually turn on your HVAC system so that your home can already be at the temperature you requested once the time you’ve programmed arrives.

In most cases, if your thermostat is in recovery mode, it’s just performing this task so that the temperature isn’t fluctuating too quickly. When the temperature has to increase or decrease rapidly, it increases your energy usage. Recovery mode is beneficial in this instance.

HVAC Thermostat Issues

Some other reasons your thermostat is in recovery mode may depend directly on its condition. The thermostat may have a glitch or a wiring issue, causing it to tell your HVAC system to enter recovery mode. Alternatively, it may have programmed itself to go into recovery mode without your knowledge, though you can always manually turn this setting off.

HVAC System Issues

The final reason your thermostat might go into recovery mode may be some type of HVAC system malfunction. If your HVAC system begins short cycling or quits working suddenly, this may confuse your thermostat and push it into recovery mode by default. You should call an HVAC repair service technician and ask them to diagnose and repair any such malfunctions.

Our team has proudly served the community for decades. Call Plunkett Heating & Air and ask for professional maintenance so that we can make sure your entire HVAC system is performing at its peak.

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