Why Your Air Conditioner Is Consuming Too Much Energy

In Augusta, GA, your air conditioning system works hard throughout the summer months. It’s normal to see an increase in your utility bills when the equipment runs all day long. However, if your electric bills are unexpectedly high, you may need a professional technician to inspect your home’s air conditioner.

Dirty Condenser Coils

The outdoor location of the condenser unit exposes it to dirt, pollen, and other particulates. When these substances coat your condenser coils, it makes them less efficient so that the system requires more energy to cool your home. One of the preventive maintenance tasks includes cleaning the coils so that they are ready for the Augusta cooling season.

Coolant Leaks

If the level of coolant decreases, your air conditioner must work harder to keep your home comfortable. The coolant is held in sealed tubes, so coolant loss is not a normal part of the operation. There could be damage to a component or pinhole leaks caused by corrosion.

You won’t solve this problem by adding more refrigerant to the system. This may be a temporary fix, but you will still need a technician to repair or replace the part.

An Aging System

After many seasons of operation, your air conditioning system will naturally lose some power and efficiency. Increasing utility bills may be a sign that it’s time to replace your equipment.

Cooling technology improves every year. A new air conditioner will be more powerful and have better features than the one you purchased a decade ago. A new system will make a big difference in your monthly utility costs in Augusta.

The experts at Plunkett Heating & Air are ready to help with your air conditioning needs in Augusta, GA. If your air conditioning system isn’t functioning as it should, don’t hesitate to call us today.

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