4 Ways to Keep Your Heating Bill Low in Grovetown, GA

Summer is finally in the rearview, and chillier winter weather means it’s time to fire up the heater again. But cold weather in Grovetown, GA, can cause your energy bills to spike in no time. Here are four simple tips to help you lower your heating bill at home:

Change Clogged Air Filters

Your home’s HVAC system will keep your family warm and toasty during those cold winter months. But lack of routine maintenance can make your heater work overtime and drive up your energy bills. Make sure to change your dirty HVAC filters to keep the air flowing freely without straining your central heater.

Use Window Coverings Strategically

Another simple way to keep your heating bill low this winter is to manage your shades and curtains effectively. If any windows have direct sunlight in the morning or afternoon, pull back the shades during those hours and let that warm sunlight inside.

But keep the shades closed tight the rest of the day and night to keep the warmth inside. Those window coverings will act like warm blankets that help hold the warmth in and keep the cold outdoor air away at night.

Circulate Warm Air With Ceiling Fans

If your home has any ceiling fans, put them to good use. Set them on low and adjust the direction so that they spin clockwise during the cold weather months. That will pull the cooler air upwards and push the warm air back down where you can feel it.

Wear Warm Clothes and Use Blankets

Lastly, it sounds pretty basic, but simply dressing in warm layers will allow you to lower your thermostat a few degrees and save money on heating costs around the clock. Snuggle up in your favorite hoodie, put on some thick socks and throw a warm blanket or quilt over yourself when watching TV at night.

Follow these four easy tips to save money on your heating bill this winter. Contact Plunkett Heating & Air for an annual preventative maintenance plan. We’ll keep your home’s central heater running efficiently when you need it most.

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