My Furnace is Making Funny Noises!

As the nights get chilly in your Grovetown, Georgia, home, you are excited to break out the hot cocoa and turn your furnace on only to hear funny noises coming from it. When you hear strange or weird noises coming from your furnace, it means something is wrong, and it should be shut off immediately and looked at as soon as possible. If you continue to run your furnace with odd noises, you could cause damage to the system, resulting in expensive repairs or even a furnace replacement. You should call an HVAC professional if you hear any of the following sounds.


Screeching or squealing sounds are probably an issue with the motor bearing or a bad blower belt. If the bearings in the motor have become dry, they can begin to screech, and our technicians will need to come and lubricate them as well as all moving parts. When you invest in a maintenance agreement and schedule your fall furnace tune-up with us, these issues will be fixed before they become a problem.


Rattling sounds can come from a loose panel or screw that has come undone. However, it could also indicate something much more serious, such as a leak or crack in your heat exchanger. This could cause gas to leak and potentially cause an explosion. This is a dangerous situation and needs to be checked immediately.


Remember the sound playing cards made when placed in the spokes of a bicycle? If you hear that sound from your furnace, there is probably something stuck in the blades of the blower fan. If left unresolved, it could cause a strain on the motor, which may result in a breakdown.


If you hear something like a gunshot going off or a loud bang, it could mean there is gas building up in the system causing a small explosion. This could be extremely dangerous and should never be ignored.

If your furnace is making any of these noises, call Plunkett Heating & Air right away to have your furnace repaired. Give us a call at 706-426-0779.

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