An AC unit that works well will keep you cool all summer long in Augusta, GA. There is a chance that things can go wrong, though. Here are the following signs that indicate you need an air conditioning repair.

Lack of Cool Air

The most obvious sign that you need an air conditioning repair is a lack of cool air. There are many reasons for this concern, including a coolant leak or a damaged compressor. It’s important to have an HVAC technician investigate this first before you have to replace the entire system.

Weak Airflow

It’s possible that your air conditioning system will stop sending air through your vents, or it will send very little air throughout your home. The most common cause of this issue is a malfunction in your compressor. There could also be debris that may be clogging your vents.

Excess Moisture

If you have a lot of excess moisture around your air conditioning unit, your system probably has leaks. To keep you and your loved ones safe, call an HVAC company to determine the cause of the leak. It may be a refrigerant leak. You could also have a blocked or damaged drain tube, which means the condensed water is collecting.

Strange Noises

It’s normal to hear noises coming from your air conditioning system. You may start to hear strange noises, such as grumbling or grinding from your unit. The cause is probably a worn-out motor or a failure that can be fixed by installing a new system in your home.

Contact us at Plunkett Heating & Air as soon as you notice one of the above signs that indicate you need an air conditioning repair in Augusta, GA. Our technicians can help you determine if you need an AC repair or replacement.

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