How to Deal With a Broken AC in your Augusta, GA Home

It’s never fun to deal with a broken AC, especially in the Augusta, Georgia, heat. When your AC starts acting up, you can try to solve the issue yourself with a few troubleshooting options.

Reset the System

If your AC isn’t working at all, try resetting the system. Make sure it’s receiving power at the electrical panel, and then turn the switches off and on again. Some AC models feature fuses at the shut-off box, so you may need to replace a fuse.

If the system is on but you’re not feeling cool air, make sure the thermostat is properly set and has fresh batteries. You can even try setting the thermostat a few degrees below the indoor temperature to see if you can tell a difference.

Perform a Visual Inspection

Check your AC unit to make sure there’s no ice or frost on the coils. If there is ice, turn off the system to allow the ice to melt and change the air filter before turning it back on. Sometimes, a clean filter is all it takes to solve the problem.

Also, if you have easy access, check that your condensate drain isn’t clogged and that your outdoor unit is free of debris.

Calibrate the Thermostat

If there’s nothing obviously wrong with the AC, consider calibrating the thermostat. Tape a glass thermometer to the wall with a paper towel padding underneath so it isn’t directly touching the wall. You don’t want either the thermostat or the thermometer to be affected by any other temperature influences.

Wait 15 minutes for the mercury to stabilize and check the thermometer. Compare it to the reading on the thermostat. If they vary by more than 1 degree, remove the thermostat’s faceplate, blow away any dust, and use a soft brush to clean the inside. You can then tighten any screws and recheck the temperature with the thermometer.

Although there are a few simple steps you can take to address your broken AC, your best bet is to call in an expert. Contact Plunkett Heating & Air Conditioning at 706-426-0779 to schedule an AC repair.

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