How Smart Thermostats Can Save You Money During Summer

More people are installing smart thermostats to increase their energy efficiency and take advantage of the latest technology available to homeowners. Smart thermostats have sleek designs and can also reduce your energy usage. Here are a few ways these devices can save you money during the summer months in Augusta, GA.

1. Learn Your Habits

Smart thermometers are useful because they can learn the habits of the residents in your home. They can also adjust the temperature accordingly to ensure that the central air conditioner is only used when it’s needed.

2. Track Energy Usage

You can enjoy closely tracking your energy usage to ensure that you get a picture of how much electricity you consume each month. The smart thermostat can prompt you to make specific changes to minimize your usage. This may include scheduling HVAC maintenance to ensure that the appliance has proper airflow and doesn’t work harder to operate, which can cause more energy to be used.

3. Control It Remotely

One of the most impressive features of smart thermostats is having the ability to control the device remotely from your smartphone or tablet, which means adjusting the temperature when you’re on vacation or away at the office. By controlling it remotely, it will be easier to adjust the temperature when the house isn’t occupied instead of having to be physically present to adjust the settings.

There are many ways you can save money by installing a smart thermostat in your home in Augusta, GA. Call us at Plunkett Heating & Air to schedule an appointment and learn more about the smart offers that we offer. We’ll go over your options and the benefits of installing a smart thermostat. We’ll improve the operation of your AC unit and allow it to operate more efficiently when paired with a smart thermostat.

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