In the heat of the summer, do you find that some rooms in your house never seem to cool off enough, while other rooms make you feel like you’ve walked into an icebox? We want to help you attain the happy medium. Ductless air conditioning might just be the answer to your “too hot” or “too cold” woes in Augusta, Georgia.

What Is Ductless Air Conditioning?

Ductless air conditioning provides cooling for individual rooms or zones without the use of ductwork associated with traditional central air conditioning. Ductless AC systems consist of an outdoor compressor and an indoor airflow unit that are connected by a 3-inch hole in a wall. The hole houses lines for refrigerant and drainage tubing, along with a power cable. The systems are also called ductless mini-splits.

The Benefits of Ductless AC

With ductless AC, you and your family can choose which rooms to cool and when to cool them. Ductless AC systems are available with one or more indoor airflow units connected to one outdoor compressor. Each indoor unit has its own thermostat. This means each person in your family can set the thermostat in a room to his or her desired temperature.

Save Money With Ductless AC

The ductwork of central air conditioning systems is known to lose air to holes and leaks. In fact, ductwork losses can constitute up to 30 percent of energy use. Without ducts, a cooling system can be much more energy efficient and cost-effective. Additionally, you won’t have to use energy cooling rooms or zones that are unoccupied. The purchase of an Energy Star ductless system may even earn you a federal tax credit.

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