Are Heat Pumps in Evans, GA, Really Environmentally Friendly?

As spring returns to Evans, GA, you’re probably starting to think about your home climate needs. While most homes still operate traditional air conditioners, many homeowners are switching to heat pumps for year-round comfort. Here’s why heat pumps are an environmentally friendly, efficient choice that provide comfort while decreasing your carbon footprint.

Perfect for Cooling and Heating

If you stand outside near a window air conditioner, you’ll feel a blast of warm air. An air conditioner cools your house by pushing warm air outdoors.

With a heat pump, a single system can handle your temperature needs throughout the year. In summer, it transfers warm air outside. In winter, it transfers warm air inside.

High-Efficiency Technology

It takes less energy to move heat than to generate heat. A furnace burns fuel to warm the air, but a heat pump draws ambient warmth from the outdoors.

The difference between generating and drawing warmth makes heat pumps more efficient. They can produce more heat energy than the electrical energy it takes to run them. Higher efficiency brings benefits such as a longer system life and lower utility bills.

Reduced Fossil Fuel Use

Many areas of the country are seeking ways to clean up the power grid. They’re adopting green technologies that lower the environmental impact of generating electricity. This improvement is great news for households with heat pumps.

Eliminating a home furnace will mean that you’re not burning fossil fuels like propane or oil at your location. At the same time, renewable energy sources in the power grid will lower your carbon footprint even further.

If you’re curious about the benefits of a new heat pump at your home, our team is ready to help. For top-notch heat pump services in Evans, GA, contact us at Plunkett Heating & Air today.

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