Do Pets Damage Indoor Air Quality in Aiken, SC?

If you have pets at home, you likely want to hang out and play with them without worrying about whether you can breathe easily. However, you should know that pets can have an impact on the overall comfort level of you and your family members. Read on to learn about how they can affect your indoor air quality in Aiken, SC.

Pet Dander

You don’t need to have a severe allergy to pet fur to experience problems breathing in their dander, which flakes off their skin when they shed. Exposure to pet dander can cause swelling and redness along with breathing problems and a runny nose. The biggest issue is that animal dander is too small for vacuums to pick up; it can linger on furniture and in the air for days and even weeks.

Pets and Indoor Air Quality

Dogs and cats are the worst offenders when it comes to affecting your indoor air quality. When you install a new AC system, consider adding a whole-home purifier at the same time.

A purifier can pick up the tiny particles that your pets shed and improve your air quality. Small animals such as guinea pigs and bunnies can also affect the air quality, especially among those who have allergies.

Improving Your IAQ

It’s possible to improve your indoor air quality and still spend time with your pets. You should brush your pets at least once a day and limit how much time they spend outside, as it’s easy for animals to bring in allergens on their fur. You can also try keeping your pets confined to certain areas to keep them from spreading dander and other allergens through your home.

We want to help you love your pets without worrying about the havoc they wreak on your indoor air quality. Call Plunkett Heating & Air to learn about air purifiers and other ways to improve your air quality in Aiken, SC.

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