Is Your Commercial HVAC System Negatively Affecting Your Business?

Installing an HVAC system in your business will positively influence your bottom line. However, without proper care and maintenance, your commercial HVAC system in Evans, GA, will increase your production cost and decrease your profit. Read on to understand how your system can harm your business and how you can lessen the negative impacts.

Reduced Employee Productivity

A malfunctioning commercial HVAC system cannot achieve the desired temperatures. That implies that the temperatures in your establishment will be freezing during winter and sweltering during summer, leading to poor employee performance.

When temperatures are extremely high, your employees will most likely experience heat sensitivity and frequent headaches. On the other hand, when temperatures are freezing, the body uses the already stored energy to keep it warm.

Fortunately, you can keep your HVAC in good shape with regular maintenance, thus creating a comfortable work environment. In addition, ensure that a professional addresses all commercial HVAC repairs immediately.

Health Concerns

Aside from keeping the temperatures comfortable, your system is accountable for keeping your indoor air clean and breathable. When you don’t regularly change the system filters, your HVAC system struggles to clean the air.

Your system filters work by trapping pollutants such as dust, dander and debris. Over time, these pollutants accumulate on the filters, limiting airflow.

In some cases, they end up getting released and linger indoors, leading to respiratory infections. Consequently, you’ll notice that your employees request frequent sick leaves, which translates to reduced productivity. You can counter these negative impacts by changing the air filters regularly.

Increased Monthly Energy Bills

A malfunctioning HVAC system works harder and takes longer to keep your establishment comfortable. As a result, you’ll consume more energy, leading to increased electricity bills.

You can increase your system energy efficiency through regular maintenance and changing of system filters. However, if your system is too old, installing a new model is the most cost-effective solution.

Since 1958, our NATE-certified service technicians have been providing HVAC solutions to businesses in and around Evans, GA. Contact Plunkett Heating & Air to schedule commercial HVAC maintenance, repair and replacement services.

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