5 Reasons Why Routine AC Maintenance Is Important

Your air conditioner works hard to battle Evan, Georgia’s searing summer heat and sweltering humidity. It deserves attention from a qualified air conditioning service that can check each component to ensure that your system is ready to run all summer. While it might be tempting to delay routine tune-ups, you’ll lose the following benefits of getting regular AC maintenance.

1. Reduced Wear and Tear

In Augusta, the average air conditioner runs approximately 2,800 hours a year. High demand for cooling means that your air conditioner is susceptible to wear and tear unless it’s serviced regularly.

2. Increased Longevity

Well-maintained HVAC systems last considerably longer than their neglected counterparts. By investing in annual air conditioning maintenance, you can help your system exceed its 15-year life expectancy. Delaying the need for replacements saves you a nice chunk of change.

3. Reduced Energy Use

Preventive maintenance helps your air conditioner retain 95 percent of its original efficiency. Without regular tune-ups, air conditioners lose 2 to 5 percent of their efficiency per year. According to the EPA, preventive maintenance can reduce your energy consumption by double digits.

4. Enhanced Reliability

During seasonal tune-ups, our air conditioning service technicians pinpoint issues when they’re easy to correct. The goal is to catch minor problems before they cause an inconvenient breakdown or require an emergency repair. Our experience has taught us that routine maintenance can prevent half of all breakdowns.

5. Lower Ownership Costs

Preventive AC maintenance doesn’t just pay for itself. Analysts say that it has a 500 percent return on investment. Tune-ups save you money in several ways. They help you spend less on repairs, enjoy lower energy bills and avoid premature system replacements that substantially drive up the cost of ownership.

For more ways to lower your energy bills and to protect your HVAC equipment, review our preventive maintenance services, or get in touch with us by calling 706-426-0779. Plunkett Heating & Air has proudly served Augusta residents since 1958.

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