4 Signs Your Heat Pump Is Low on Refrigerant in Augusta, GA

Heat pumps rely on refrigerants to heat your home during the chilly winters in Augusta, GA. It’s essential for a technician to check your heat pump’s levels before winter for optimal performance. Here are signs that can signal low refrigerant levels in your heat pump.

1. Low Output

A heat pump can heat and cool your home, which it achieves by reversing refrigerant flow through the system. If you begin experiencing a drop in heating output, it’s probably due to low levels in your heat pump. It’s best to hire an expert to check the heat pump’s refrigerant levels and top it off to enhance output.

2. Leaking Heat Pump

Heat pump leaks often cause the system to lose refrigerant, contributing to low levels. Leaks that cause low levels are often at connector points. If your heat pump is leaking, hire professional heat pump services to replace your refrigerant and for any other repairs to prevent leaks.

3. Icing

If you notice ice developing over the system’s evaporator coil, low levels could be the cause. Refrigerant is responsible for absorbing heat, so low levels might prevent the evaporator coils from heat absorption. A heat pump will typically go into defrost mode when coils become icy.
If this doesn’t happen, it’s best to hire an HVAC expert to determine the cause and to fix it.

4. Gurgling Sounds

A heat pump that produces gurgling sounds might have low levels. Air gets into the refrigerant lines as the leaks out of your heat pump, producing gurgling noises. It’s necessary to hire an HVAC contractor to inspect your heat pump for low levels and fix the issue.

The above signs might point to low levels in your heat pump. Routine heat pump tune-ups can detect issues that cause low refrigerant levels and allow for prompt repairs. If you believe your heat pump is leaking refrigerant, call Plunkett Heating & Air today for affordable and professional heating services.

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