3 Surprising Ways to Boost Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

The air quality outside of your house is in constant flux year round, even in Augusta, GA. Although you can’t do much to change the conditions outside, you have surprisingly simple options to boost the indoor air quality of your home.

Basic Cleaning and Materials Storage

It’s amazing how much internal air quality is affected by simple things like the dirt and pollen that sneaks into your home on your shoes and clothes. If you have pets, the fur and dander from your companions can further degrade inside air quality. Common materials like cleaning agents, paints and solvents also contribute to poor indoor air quality. Move cleaning agents and other chemicals from living areas to your garage or patio storage, and regularly clean your home with a vacuum that has a HEPA filter which helps trap dust.

Regular Replacement of HVAC Filters

Even a spotless house still has airborne particles that naturally occur as you walk around your home, especially between dusting and vacuuming times. The filters in your HVAC are designed to trap particles as air circulates from your living areas and regularly changing your filters is a low-cost way to help ensure improved internal air quality. You can also consider advanced filters to trap very small particles, but speak with a professional first to ensure that your HVAC system is designed to use these filters.

Updates to Your HVAC System

If you want to supercharge the indoor air quality of your home, then consider an upgrade to your existing HVAC system. Upgrades for improved air quality include components that can introduce a fresh supply of air from outside of your home, actively filter a wide range of very small airborne particles, and ensure an indoor humidity that is both comfortable and healthy.

Why put off improved quality air inside your home? Call the professionals today at Plunkett Heating & Air at 706-426-0779 to discuss the best options for your home.

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