When your home’s heating system isn’t working correctly, it’s more likely to cause gas leaks or fires. You should know the warning signs that something is wrong and promptly contact an HVAC repair company when you notice any of them. Three of the most common heating problems in Grovetown, GA, are high energy bills, inadequate heating and cold air blowing from the vents.

1. High Energy Bills

Although it’s normal for heat pumps in this area to use slightly more energy in the winter, you should contact a heating repair company if there’s a significant increase. A sudden jump in your energy bill typically means something is wrong with your heating system. You could have a damaged compressor, a leak or an iced-over condenser.

Failing to change the air filter on time can also cause a jump in your heating bill. You need to change the air filter every one to three months to prevent heating problems from poor maintenance.

2. Inadequate Heating

Did you try to turn on your furnace, but it’s not kicking on? This often means that there’s an issue with the thermostat. Other possible causes are a dead blower capacitor, a bad inducer draft motor, broken starting components or a cracked heat exchanger.

Uneven heating in the home is often the result of lack of maintenance. Failing to change the air filter on time can cause uneven heating. This can also happen when you go more than a year without a professional heating tune-up.

3. Cold Air Blowing from the Vents

When a furnace is low on fuel, it may cause cold air to blow through your vents. Check that your thermostat isn’t in fan mode. If neither of these is the problem, you may have an ignition issue.

Just as with the previous heating problems, a dirty air filter can cause cold air to blow from the vents. It’s a good idea to schedule an inspection if it’s been a while since you changed the filter, so you can catch any damage to your heating system.

Regardless of what type of heating problem you’re experiencing in Grovetown, GA, you need to contact a reputable HVAC company to diagnose and fix it. Contact us at Plunkett Heating & Air, our BBB-accredited business, to schedule an appointment for heating repair.

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